Use Parameters To Track

If you don’t know why and how to make all your links unique for fetching detailed reports, just sign up for the paid members area.pijl rood


BestTrafficShop Macro’s to use for tracking

{click_id} – Returns unique click ID
{macmd5} – Returns Mac MD5
{idfa} – Returns the Identifier for Advertisers
{pub_iab_cat} – Returns the publisher IAB category
{http_referrer} – Returns the HTTP referrer
{domain} – Returns the domain name
{impression_id} – Returns unique impression ID
{user_id} – Returns unique user ID
{winning_price} – Returns winning price
{campaign_id} – Returns unique campaign ID
{creative_id} – Returns unique creative ID
{ssp_id} – Returns unique SSP ID
{pub_id} – Returns unique publisher ID
{publisher_id} – Returns unique publisher ID
{site_id} – Returns unique website ID
{placement_id} – Returns unique placement ID
{country} – Returns country name
{sub_id} – Returns unique sub ID
{source_id} – Returns source ID
{keyword} – Returns a keyword
[UNENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] – Returns unencoded click redirect
[ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] – Returns encoded click redirect
[DBL-ENCODED_CLICK_REDIRECT] – Returns double encoded click redirect
[RANDOM_NUMBER] – Returns a random number
[BID_ID] – Returns unique bid ID

Please pass click ID – {click_id} – in one of the available UTM parameters to avoid clicks discrepancy.


{click_id}            Most important one is the {#click_id#} parameter, to use as sub_id 1
                                   This one transports the pixel or s2s signal!

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