Besttrafficshop started selling full-service Facebook-accounts, for blackhat & whitehat purposes, to a small group of referred publishers. We will not actively promote this service publicly under any circumstance, except through a couple of thoroughly selected resellers, like yourself'

Different from other competitors, we offer the full flow you need for running killer campaigns on facebook, with high daily spending, without charging 10 to 15 % of your Ad spending like most sellers do ;)

Below I will describe the 3 different options we offer for purchasing publisher accounts and their included features.

★  Standard includes:

Business Manager with 5 ad accounts (1 active and warmed up) 
Personal ad account also available
- Dedicated proxy
- Debit card*

★ ★ Partner includes:

- As Elite, but buyer agree to only run campaigns from our affiliate network Social Boosters on bought account.
- This affiliate network offers a broad range of CPL campagnes, specialized in GEO's like DE, NL, BE, FR, ES, AU, NZ, IN
- Sweepstakes, Financial offers

* Prepaid Debit card connected & warmed up with some spending on safe ads is optional, but recommended. No extra charge on Ad spending, but deposit fee is 5% per deposit. As being the funder and supplier of the Ad budgets have these costs too. 

★ ★ ★ Elite includes:

Business Manager with 5 ad accounts (1 active and warmed up) 
- Personal ad account also available
- Fast Dutch VPS Windows Server 2016
- Mass Planner 2.0 license
- Dedicated proxy
- Cloaking integration (e.g. FraudFilter)
- Content filled domain with Wordpress
- Prelander creation plugin
- Safe page and money page integration
- Debit card*
Our goal is to stand-out by offering full-service Facebook accounts, this means that we’ve been working on integrating all necessary software solutions (ours and third party) and years of experience in performance marketing into 1 sellable concept.

 from VPS to payment service 

 from safe domain to advanced cloaking and 

 from automated account activity to custom prelander builder.

All of that for a very competitive price ( you'll find out later why we can offer these low prices)

We always recommend to start with the Elite accounts, because

- concerns professionaly warmed up Dutch Business Ad Account (included 5 Ad accounts to start on as a business)
- comes with Advanced cloaking integrated (Fraudbuster) to avoid account blocking & enjoy much longer
- offers with awesome prelander creation software included ( Instabuilder 2.0) 
- they are ready to Connect Safe page and Money page easily (our own plugin for redirecting on top of Fraudbuster)

- Automated personal account maintenance (using Massplanner)

- Safe domain wordpress website 
- Debit card connected 
- Tutorials and support available

Final important notes:

- Licenses are included for a period of 6 months. License renewals possible after that.

- Replacement conditions: down within 7 days after purchase with less than €50,- spend on white hat ads only.

- We only take small orders only at the moment

Pricing accounts

We only offer accounts to third persons on a strict referral basis.

'Besttrafficshop helps, improves & motivates. Our business model is built on working together for the long-run'

What's included in this 'done for me' website package?

 Every website is fully prepared with important WP plugins
 Graphics like favicon, banners, logo etc 
 Your website already containts unique content

Important WP plugins & tools integrated in your website

 Instabuilder 2.0 for creating prelanders and landingpages
 Pretty Link Plugin to create customized affiliate links
 Google Analytics & Google Translate plugins 
 Image plugins, SEO & social plugins 

 Fraudbuster, Link-Cloacking, personal secret VPS, safe-site-links  

Niche market research

 Secret keywords to use (high volume, low competition)

 Market research on linkpartners, top-influencers, 
 Specific affiliate offers to use
 Proven examples of converting Ads

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