Safe Website Traffic

We updated our list of security filters list!
Now it has the following options:

  • Exclude known malicious bots 
  • Exclude anonymizing VPN services                            
  • Exclude public proxies                            
  • Exclude web proxies                            
  • Exclude TOR exit nodes                            
  • Enable Integral Ad Science Firewall     
  • Enable Forensiq Risk Score            
  • Enable UltraShield Viewability Firewall            

We also would like to announce that we will separate the Audience channel in two groups

  • Audience
  • Verified Audience

Audience is non-verified traffic that costs $0.001 CPC. It contains only basic security checks like IP click limit and JS support.

Verified Audience is verified traffic compliant with Integral AdScience and Forensiq. In addition to the filters contained in the Audience channel it supports the full list of filters mentioned above. Minimum CPC for the Verified Audience channel starts at $0.003.

What does it mean to you and your clients?

All the Audience campaigns that have no filters selected will be unchanged.
All the Audience campaigns that have at least one of the security filters selected
will be changed to Verified Audience channel.

This also means that there will be less issues with campaign spending and more revenue for you.
Our platform is auction based which means that the highest bid wins the click.

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