Email Newsletters If you don’t send out an email newsletter, now is the time to start. And Benchmark Email can get you there. Send out weekly, bi-monthly or monthly newsletters that drive your company message home. Benchmark Email includes everything you need to craft a compelling email newsletter, from the full-scale contact list management to Read more about Benchmarkemail[…]

Ads Exchange Manager

Want to learn how to make money with Ads Exchange Traffic Networks? We are looking for a professional who can manage our traffic campaigns. “BestTrafficShop needs to be connected” Create visitors to our affiliate campaigns on our traffic sources accounts. BestTrafficShop AustralianAffiliateNetworks and our co-reg sweepstakes Your Job Keywords  Creating accounts as advertiser and publisher on Read more about Ads Exchange Manager[…]

Mobile Traffic

Promoting your app only on mobile traffic (wifi or carrier) will upgrade your ROI significantly. You don’t want to target desktop website visitors on your website if you have a specific mobile offer.               LeadBolt StartApp AirPush PopAds InAppAd TradeMob AdsJunky MediaHub InMobi MobClix AdMob  

Contextual Ads Marketing

Contextual Targeting is based on content targeting.  The ads are selected and served by automated systems based on the relevancy of the content of the specific website. Contextual Advertising also helps improve the users’ overall online experience because they will only see ads relevant to the content on the website. It can maximize the earning potentials of Read more about Contextual Ads Marketing[…]

Use Parameters To Track

If you don’t know why and how to make all your links unique for fetching detailed reports, just sign up for the paid members area. BestTrafficShop Macro’s to use for tracking {click_id} – Returns unique click ID {macmd5} – Returns Mac MD5 {idfa} – Returns the Identifier for Advertisers {pub_iab_cat} – Returns the publisher IAB Read more about Use Parameters To Track[…]