Ads Exchange Manager

Want to learn how to make money with Ads Exchange Traffic Networks?
We are looking for a professional who can manage our traffic campaigns.

“BestTrafficShop needs to be connected”

Create visitors to our affiliate campaigns on our traffic sources accounts.

and our co-reg sweepstakes

Your Job Keywords

 Creating accounts as advertiser and publisher on traffic sources
 Conversion tracking | API | tokens | S2S-tracking | parameters
 Manage banners, sites, UR, Ads Packages on PTC & Ads Networks.
 Research on keywords, markets, campagnes
 Work with our systems: HasOffers | WordPress

Manage Ads Exchange Traffic Resources Affiliate campagnes

Assignment Steps

1 Create advertiser accounts on Ads Exchange sources for BestTrafficShop,
using our refer-links. All the offers to be used are on MoustacheMedia

2. Create publisher accounts on Ads Exchange sources

2. Every source has different tracking parameters and postback url’s.
If we didn’t already in our Academy tutorials, you need to do this for us!

3. Start creating affiliate links of traffic sources on other (similar) platforms

4. Traffic Sources affiliate examples: 7search, PopAds, MediaHub, Leadbolt.

5. Report to us and together conversion improvement when done 
This job for 10 campagnes should take around 5 hours for a tracking pro.
We will give you 20 bucks USD for setting up.

When succesfull, we will work together on a daily base.

Daily Actions to do 
Create advertiser AND publisher accounts on platform, networks, sources for BTS
Write SEO-proof blog-posts for AAN about all partners
Make sure each blog is reviewed by Aart of Dennis and process for traffic is executed  
Features, Advantages, smart stuff, bad stuff, which offer did we test on it?
Add website sources on blog,s social media actie and mail the blogs to the partners
Let them know we wrote about them and link-build with them in all ways you can.
 We will create a Google Spreadsheet together to work in and to update me in
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